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Date: December 2, 2012 02:14:18 AM

“We can recycle your Electronic waste. Nature cannot!” shouts a fifteen feet huge skull at the entrance of India Art Festival, Mumbai. The voice behind this installation is that of a young social entrepreneur, Mr. Gaurav Mardia, proprietor of E-Incarnation Recycling Pvt. Ltd. (ERPL), willing to help you build a greener future. The sculpture is created with the help of practiced artist Mr. Sukant Panigrahy using primarily E-waste and scrap components, and is supported by International Creative Art Centre, Mumbai.
This visual enigma tells you right on the face the rationale of its existence. It is to spread awareness amongst its viewers about the hazardousness of non biodegradable E-waste that has the potential of releasing carcinogenic elements like cadmium, selenium, mercury, lead etc. into the environment. ERPL is one of the few E-waste recyclers with standardized processes that assure zero pollution; against the more popular procedure of the waste being picked, burned and improperly disposed by unauthorized and erroneous methods leading to poisonous air, soil, water and posing serious health hazards for E-waste workers who have no knowledge of the venoms they are playing with. Gaurav has been associated with various NGOs including Green Yatra and Centre for Environmental Research and Education in arranging awareness programs for various schools, colleges and residential societies. The responsibility now rests on us to repay our debt to the environment we have been exploiting, by aiding and complementing the efforts of Gaurav, who has admirably used the venue and the event while engaging a pleasing language of art, to warn us appropriately.


We Are Here to Rescue

India generates more than 3 million MT of e-waste annually and has potential to reach to 20 million MT by 2020. We at ERPL really understand our growing responsibilities with the growing volumes. We are committed to provide dynamic modules to handle increasing volume of urban mines of natural resources out of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Resourcing the world is not just about protecting the environment, but also regenerating it by developing sustainable access to resources while committing to their preservation and renewal.

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