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E-Incarnation Recycling Pvt. Ltd. (ERPL) was conceived in 2010 with the dream of creating a greener future by recycling and disposing end of life electronic products in an environmentally sustainable manner with a Zero Landfill Policy.

Envisioned and incorporated by Mr.Gaurav Mardia, ERPL uses the best available environmentally sound technologies to mitigate the hazardous effects of improper treatment and disposal of E-waste, ensuring protection and preservation of the environment.

ERPL’s Integrated E-waste Management Facility aims at reducing the urban environmental degradation and improving the income generation capacity of vulnerable urban dwellers by reorganizing the E-waste recycling system in such a way, that the processes with the highest environmental and health impacts are transferred to the formal sector, which uses adequate and efficient environmentally sound technologies; making sure, at the same time that the capacity for environmentally sound recycling in informal sector is improved.


What we offer


         At E-Incarnation Recycling pvt ltd we recycle and process all type of E-waste.


        At ERPL we have the latest and most reliable technology to completely and permanently erase          all the data on a hard drive. And that too, at the point of collection.


        At ERPL we have the latest and most reliable technology to completely and permanently erase          all the data on a hard drive. And that too, at the point of collection.


        At ERPL our technicians examine each item of E-waste thoroughly to identify if it can be                    restored to its original condition; be it by replacing certain components or repairing.


       ERPL disposes all its waste only at government approved Hazardous Waste Disposal facilities.


      At ERPL, we plan to segregate the PCBs from the waste stream at various stages of recycling            and accumulate it in a safe storage place to eventually send it for final recovery.

Vision & Mission​

E-Incarnation Recycling Pvt.Ltd. promises to encounter the immense environmental responsibility of recycling and disposing WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) comprised of hazardous elements; in an environmentally sound manner, by employing state-of-the-art technology and reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions to ensure continuous improvement and innovation on our part, while generating greater value for our stakeholders.

To be among the world leaders in efficient and environmentally sound management of E-waste, to be accountable to all the stakeholders, be it employees, customers, suppliers, government, society and the environment at large besides the shareholder, by giving them exceptional service and economic returns.

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Jotiram Shinde

I am happy to express my gratitude for the support for e-waste disposal. Now we are very happy because we are not disposing e-waste anywhere. We are handing over the e-waste to the E-Incarnation recycle company who disposes it according to rules and saves the environment.
Jotiram Shinde

Service of the e- carnation is very nice, on time support and asset discard is being done as per the customer demand and satisfaction.
Prakash Singh

Shilpa Malani

Our college had a fantastic experience with E-incarnation Recycling Pvt. Ltd. These guys are very efficient and provide prompt response. They take entire responsibility of disposal of e-waste in an eco-friendly manner from our college premises. Staff is very cooperative, efficient and hard working.
Shilpa Malani

Dhiraj Arekar

I would like to thank you and your team on behalf of my company for your excellent service to our bank. We appreciate the support you have been providing us.
Dhiraj Arekar


Working with E-incarnation is very smooth. The service are just a phone call away and every time the representative are ready to provide you with the necessary help.

Kartik Technimont

To whomsoever it may concern : We are dealing with E incarnation recycling pvt ltd for E waste activity . We found their working methodology very professional and can be considered them as one of the pioneer in disposal of E WASTE . Mr Nagesh is very helpful and best coordinator .
Kartik Technimont